NEW ERA EXPO is your Virtual FUTURISTIC SHOW giving superb year-round exposure to everything that we wish take with us into the future.  The idea of creating this outstanding campaign belongs to NOVA TOWN charitable organization dedicated to designing and building innovative futuristic communities and promoting advanced education. 

We welcome creative individuals and organizations, green, alternative energy producers, organic farmers and independent small businesses, thoughtful educators, artists, musicians, inventors, researchers and entrepreneurs from all over the globe. Some of our special virtual booths are dedicated to the most profound thinkers and inspirational individuals from antiquity to post modern time, therefore we are open to your suggestions. Join us in creating the most diverse Futuristic Market and Educational Campaign!

WE WELCOME A NEW GENERATION OF LEARNING CONSUMERS. BECOME OUR WONDERFUL GUESTS and explore the exciting diversity of this unique place. We are open for you at any time you wish to visit us and you need neither tickets, nor any registration/membership. Bring your own ideas and recommendations READ MORE...

Meet with our exhibitors by simply clicking on any of the expo categories. If any of the exhibitor images or title interest you,  click on it,  and you will enter its exhibitor booth. 
New Era Expo has a main goal to develop this meaningful sustainable Futuristic Market free of any pressure coming from the “market-running” gigantic industries and their supply-and-demand psychological and economic manipulations. Build your wiser happier future with us and discover for yourself high quality goods and services ranging from hybrid cars and solar energy systems to natural /organic food and cosmetics. Nurture your mind with ideas, some heralding back to antique philosophy, others representing postmodern innovative thought and technology, or search for the timeless original art, literature, and music.
New Era Expo is a nonprofit 501(c)3 campaign - it is not driven by greed, but by real life changing demands.


We continuously select and support some of the most meaningful non-profit organizations and provide our special promotion for them free of any charges. 

This www.neweraexpo.com virtual show has been created by our nonprofit  organization, NOVA TOWN, 
www.novatownsite.org  Its general goal is to design and build a highly innovative Futuristic Town based on flexible Micro-Economy and its Local Sustainability, Alternative Transportation and Energy, Innovative Road System and Organic Farming, while providing Advanced Education and Enchanting Environment.
We invite you to Support THE NOVA TOWN  , WWW.NEWERAEXPO.COMhttp://www.neweraexpo.com/contribution.html  and other non-profit organizations featured on our EXPO. BECOME OUR SPONSOR, VOLUNTEER, ADVISER, OR JUST SHARE WITH US WITH YOUR ORIGINAL THOUGHTS!!


NEW EXHIBITORS Please visit NE EXPO OFFICE: http://www.neweraexpo.com/exhibitors-office.html

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By the beginning of 2012, NEW ERA EXPO reaches over 500,000 professionals, individually, who are representing a great diversity of fields. It is a  meaningful traffic for our exhibitors, which keeps growing every month.
"We believe that they, /a new generation of consumers/, have all the power and rights to become kings of their markets", VERA NOVA, Founder of NEW ERA EXPO and THE NOVA TOWN FUTURISTIC DEVELOPMENT, states.
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Please remember - our fast growing online enterprise, is a brand new "clear water" internet, free of obscenity, pornography, violence, moneymaking driven manipulations and systems, dogmatic political and religious standpoints or propaganda.