Exhibitors, Speakers, and Hosts

Dear Visionaries, Innovators, and Trailblazers,

Step into the spotlight of transformation at New Era Expo 2025! We invite you to be a pivotal force in the symphony of change, where consciousness meets innovation, and the future of holistic living is shaped.

Showcase your innovations, products, and services at the forefront of alternative living, conscious wellness, spirituality, and self-exploration. Connect with a diverse and engaged audience eager to embrace the new era we live in.

Speakers & Workshop Hosts:
Captivate minds, ignite spirits, and share your insights as a beacon of wisdom. Join a distinguished lineup of thought leaders, guiding attendees through a journey of self-discovery, consciousness expansion, and transformative exploration.

Why Choose New Era Expo 2025?

  • Unparalleled Exposure: Position your brand at the epicenter of this new paradigm shift.
  • Engaged Audience: Connect with a community hungry for knowledge and experience.
  • Vibrant Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in an event that celebrates innovation, growth, and holistic well-being.

Are you ready to be a catalyst for change? Fill in the form with your details AND download the exhibitor, speaker, or workshop host application and contract now to secure your place at the forefront of the new era.

Embark on this extraordinary journey with us, shaping the landscape of a new paradigm. Let’s co-create a future where your vision shines brightly.

Welcome to New Era Expo 2025 – where the extraordinary becomes the norm.

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The contract can be downloaded here. For your reference: if the contract is returned digitally we will send an invoice for the required amount due. You may also print and send in with a check.